GQQ0.1 smoke sensor


GQQ0.1Smoke sensor

GQQ0.1Smoke sensor, smoke sensor,GQQSmoke sensor

GQQ0.1For mine intrinsically safe type smoke sensor, suitable for the coal mine gas, coal dust explosive gas environment, with belt so keep monitor (also can be used for other electronic matching), because of the friction heating used in coal mine belt conveyor belt detect smoke protection or other reasons.

Using the environment conditions

The altitude does not exceed+2000m, no less than-1000m

Ambient temperature:- 5~ +40

Environmental relative humidity is not more than95%25).

With the explosive gas and coal dust in mine.

Without enough corroded metal shell and electrical insulating gas.

Can prevent sewage and other harmful liquid into place.

Without a strong vibration and shock environment

The main technical parameters

Explosion-proof type: mine intrinsically safe,ExibI150)。

Enclosure protection grade:IP54

Working voltage:DC12~24V(when used in the coal mine, required by the power supply).

Working current:100mAThe current action:140mA

Sensor initialization preheating time: or less5min

Recovery time: >5S

Relay output:1Normally openKK11Normally closedKK2(factoryKwithO(sub) according to user requirements to the normally closed contact output).

Broken electrical signal output: smoke-freerelayRelease, contactK K1Some disconnectKK2closed,There are relay and smoke,contactKK1Some closed,KK2Disconnect.


Relay electric shock capacity:AC220V1ADC28V3A(when used in the coal mine, it must be with this circuit connection).

Number of outlet:1A;Allow the cable diameter10.5mm


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