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The harm of electric jack under the hydraulic impact and solution measures


Jack is a lot of more phyletic, today we introduce is electric jack (by electric hydraulic jack), separate jack in the production of hydraulic impact phenomenon, as well as the measures to reduce the hydraulic impact.So let's learn about the firstWhat is theHydraulic impact:

Moment when the valve is closed, the fluid pressure in an instant suddenly rise, have very high peak pressure, this phenomenon is called the hydraulic impact.So what is the cause of hydraulic impact?

Moment when the valve is closed, the movement of liquid due to a sudden stop in the pipeline and lead to the change in kinetic energy to stress can, make the liquid pressure, formation of hydraulic impact.Another high speed moving parts in the resurgence of the brake hydraulic system or reversing, commonly used control valve closed oil circuit, make the oil can't continue to send, then the moving parts due to inertia continues to move forward, make closed oil circuit are squeezed, causing the hydraulic impact in electric jack.Some components in the hydraulic system of action sensitive enough, also can produce hydraulic impact, such as system pressure lifts suddenly, overflow valve is slow to respond, but can not be quickly opened, will create pressure overshoot, resulting in hydraulic impact.

First, the harm of hydraulic impact.

Electric jacks, hydraulic system of hydraulic impact, the chronological pressure peak is several times greater than normal pressure, sometimes it's easy to cause the hydraulicequipmentVibration and cause the damage of the sealing device, piping and components.Sometimes the pressurerelaySequence valve and hydraulic components produce misoperation, the normal operation of the system.Therefore, in the hydraulic system design and use must try to prevent and reduce the generation of hydraulic impact phenomenon.

Second, reduce the hydraulic impact.

1, slow valve closing speed, prolonged braking the reversing of the moving parts.

2, limit the speed of the oil in pipeline.

3, with a rubber hose, or set the accumulator at impact source, to absorb hydraulic impact energy.

4, where the prone to hydraulic impact, install the limit pressure relief valve.

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