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The key parts of fire prevention and explosion protection management system

...... 1, fan the fire protection system:
1.1 set up a sound security fire prevention regulations, emergency plans, and organize regular fire drill from the emergency plans, stick to itequipmentRegular patrol inspection, inspection program should include fan fire inspection.
1.2 in the fan parts hanging "forbidden fireworks" note boards.
1.3 inspection of bus, grid contactor, excitation contactor,The invertertransformerA device such as power cable connection point and may be hot fire equipment, which regularly use infrared thermometer for temperature detection.
1.4 remote monitoring personnel shall periodically monitor equipment bearings, generators, gear box and the cabin environment temperature curve, found that higher abnormal phenomenon, should be boarding check immediately.
1.5 a fan equipment over-current protection device fixed value should comply with the rules, and regularly check.Insurance should be replaced according to technical requirements, the capacity may not be changed without authorization.
1.6 heater should be installed far away from the oil system, the location of the cable channels such as flammable equipment.Distance is close, should have a reliable flame retardant isolation measures.
Avoid open flames within 1.7 fan operation.Special circumstances must use open flame, should deal with hot working ticket, and should have a reliable fire safety measures.
1.8 the fan should place the fire equipment is suitable for electrical equipment, regular check, ensure that fire equipment in good condition.
1.9 wind power engineering design and new fan with order, should have the cabin fire early warning system and engine room automatic fire extinguishing system.Unit has been put into production without the above function to transform step by step.
1.10 the cabin thermal insulation material must use fire prevention materials.
1.11 store flammable items prohibited in the fan.
1.12 wind turbine engine room, tower drum must choose flame retardant cable.
1.13 near the heater heat source of the cable should be heat insulation measures, such as close to the cable tray should be sealed with oil equipment.
1.14 strictly in accordance with the correct design atlas construction, do wiring and tidy, all kinds of cables in accordance with the provisions, tiering, bending radius of cable should comply with the requirements, avoid cross.
1.15 cabin to across platforms, cupboard, tower drum set all the place such as the gaps between the cable holes and disk (including the cable through the gaps between casing and cables) must be with qualified flame retardant materials.
1.16 cable channels segmented flame retardant measures should be taken.
1.17 check of moment of cable terminals by the regulation, to prevent the bolt looseness caused increased contact resistance heating.
1.18 check the insulation condition of wind turbine cables.
1.19 trough box, channel should be kept clean, ban pile up sundry.
1.20 according to the rules for maintenance, the preventive test wind turbines.To prevent, and rotor grounding or insulation damage caused by short circuit, fire.
1.21 strengthen the maintenance of generator cooling equipment and parts temperature monitoring.
1.22 regular inspection, cleaning the collector ring, timely replacement of wear of carbon brush, prevent fire ring of fire accident.
1.23 the fan should be the use of flammable cleaning agent, gasoline, alcohol and other flammable items are not allowed to be used to clean, wipe the device.
1.24 oil system should avoid to use flange connection, banning the use of cast iron materials, spare parts.
1.25 oil system of the flange is prohibited to use plastic pad, rubber mat (including oil resistant rubber mat) and asbestos paper, vulcanized fiber mat mat.
1.26 forbidden in the cabin tubing road for welding work.
1.27 oil system should guarantee the strict don't leak.
1.28 it is prohibited to use methods such as adhesive and a clamp handle tubing leakage fault, nonmetallic tubing damage must be replaced.
1.29 oil pipeline to ensure its free expansion under various operating conditions.
1.30 oil system of heating temperature should strictly according to product type control within the allowed temperature range, and have reliable overtemperature protection measures.
2. Master, protect room communication room fire prevention system
2.1 operators to strengthen the sense of responsibility, regularly patrol inspection equipment, finding defects report in a timely manner, to avoid fire accidents.Without permission is strictly prohibited to use the electric stove and electric equipment.
2.2 use the fire equipment without any reason, loss or damage should be given the necessary financial penalties, check is presented, and recorded.
2.3 if the fire threat to the safe operation of electrical equipment, you need to try to out of the fire, when it is necessary to cut off the electrical equipment power supply.
2.4 the personnel on duty will have to call the police, fire report about leadership.
2.5 electrical equipment fire on equipment will be immediately when the power cut off, and then to carry on the fire, using co2 and dry powder fire extinguishers for electric equipment, foam fire extinguisher should be used for filling equipment.
3. The cable and cable interlayer between the fire protection system
3.1 strengthen the management between cable and cable interlayer, handle in time when problems found.
Between 3.2 to sealing of cable holes should strictly, and closed the isolation between.
3.3 shall set up the necessary firewall and fire doors, discrepancy between cable shall, from time to time, the door closed, and keep the cable interlayer clean and tidy.
3.4 near the cable between, when open flame, should prevent welding spark splash into the cable channel, using a blowtorch and open flame in the cable channel, should be equipped with fire fighting equipment at work site.
3.5 in large capacity between cable cable joint temperature should be recorded, the cable near the heat source and flammable and explosive goods to add insulation fire protection device, and take safety measures.
3.6 cable interlayer shaft should be: block, equipped with sufficient fire-fighting equipment.
3.7 cable under the surface of the plate should be intact.
3.8 cable should have proper ventilation in the departed, equipped with smoke alarm when necessary.
3.9 cable big minor repairs to regularly test the insulation, the main equipment and carefully recorded.
4.batteryTank fire system
4.1 battery tank maintenance and operation personnel should be regularly patrol districts equipment, report if any abnormal.
Smoking is forbidden in 4.2 battery cabinet, and has the obvious "no fireworks" logo.
4.3 the battery cabinet should have sufficient fire fighting equipment, used in case of an emergency.
4.4 each lead battery should be in good condition, no overheating phenomenon, to prevent fire accidents.
4.5 battery acid should be strict management, in a fixed location, in case of spill cuts.
4.6 should strictly master the operation of the storage battery temperature and room temperature, with good ventilation.
5. Transformer fire prevention system
5.1 the head of the operating personnel and equipment should be regularly patrol equipment, find anomaly report in a timely manner.
5.2 transformer surface should be clean and no leakage phenomenon, avoid overload operation, wiring without overheating, found the problem report in a timely manner.
Near 5.3 transformer should be equipped with a sufficient number of fire equipment, personnel during the time of tour should pay attention to whether the lack and damage, and timely report the monitor.
5.4 near the transformer hot, must be hot repair equipment, deal with relevant formalities need to rear can work.
5.5 electrical equipment on fire, all the staff on duty should follow, unified command, head in before power off is allowed to fire fighting, electrical equipment fire must strictly implement the relevant provisions of the "electrical safety regulations".
5.6 near the transformer is prohibited to store flammable and explosive goods, such as gasoline, alcohol, etc., in the work of special needs, should establish modes and formulate the corresponding safety measures.
5.7 the transformer room should have good ventilation.
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