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PBT/T401 / nanjing hong rui


  • PBT/T401 / nanjing hong rui

  • Manufacturer: nanjing hong rui

    1) raw material descriptions

    Specification levelOther other tougheningAppearance of the color
    The material usedCoil skeleton connectors

    (2) the processing conditions

    Processing conditions

    (3) raw material technical data

    Performance of the projectTest conditions [state]The test methodThe test dataThe data unit
    Basic performanceThe density of ASTM D-7921.25 g/cm3
    Physical properties ofThe linear shrinkage rate ASTM D-9550.013 to 0.024 mm/mm
    Mechanical properties ofBending modulus ASTM D-7901500 MPa
    Tensile strength ASTM D-63838 MPa
    The yield bending strength ASTM D-79055 MPa
    Rockwell hardness110
    Cantilever beam notched impact strength ASTM D-2505.0 KJ/m2
    Elongation at break ASTM D-63830 %
    Electrical propertiesDielectric strength ASTM D-14915 KV/mm
    The surface resistance ASTM D-2571013
    Thermal performanceThe thermal deformation temperature 0.45MPa ASTM D-648120
    Melting point220-220.
    Flame retardant UL 94 HB

    Delivery time:Source: plastic metal mesh Author: anonymous
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