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The category of the automatic clutch

...... Automatic clutch - category

Traditional clutch with arrows and hydraulic type two kinds, there are two kinds of automatic clutch: mechanical type automatic clutch motor and hydraulic automatic clutch.Mechanical type automatic clutch motor ECU accelerator pedal,The engineSpeed sensor, speed sensor signal, the processed send command driven servo motors, by the movements of the rod, and other forms of mechanical driving clutch;Hydraulic automatic clutch is driven by ECU send signals of electric hydraulic system, operated by hydraulic clutch action.

Automatic clutch is divided into the following several kinds.When the transmission of torque reaches a certain limit, can automatically separate the clutch, because has the effect that prevent system overload safety, called a safety clutch.When the shaft speed reaches a certain speed by centrifugal force can joint or more than one speed by centrifugal force to separate automatic clutch, called a centrifugal clutch.According to the main, driven shaft relative speed difference of different in order to realize the joint or separate clutch, called overrunning clutch.

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