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0609 dust-free paper introduces 0609 dust-free paper

...... 0609 dust-free clean paper - 609 paper is introduced

Air-laid paper fiber (pulp), and 55% from 45% polyester fiber blend (textile).More used to clean the surface of an object in precision, the air-laid paper has low dust, low ion remaining, wipe the effect is good, high storage capacity.
Air-laid paper as the daily cleaning of the paper towel, in both dry and wet conditions with high humidity, acid resistance, to sustain the majority of chemical reagents, and low dust anti-static can effectively control the electrostatic discharge, and can be used multiple times, both economical and clean, is the most widely used in the electronics industry of paper towel.
Commonly used in laboratory and the vessels of mesa is wiped, electronic products and precision components to wipe, integrated circuit, large scale integrated circuit, liquid crystal, display, optical electronic instrument is wiped.
Ingredients: 55% wood pulp (Cellulose) 55% Polyester fiber (Polyester);Spunlaced composite.
Suitable for: wipe glass, tools and hardware surface, etc
G: 60 g / O;
Color: white
Regular size: 9 "* 9";6 "* 6;"4" * 4 ".
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